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Director - Airbnb Management
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Lucy commenced her real estate journey as an astute real estate investor and developer more than a decade ago. She has strong analytical and financial skills and is highly experienced in conducting property development feasibility studies and project deliveries to maximise return on investments.  She has a Master of Commerce Degree from Macquarie University in Sydney and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Xiamen University in China.  She has established multimillion-dollar property development projects and personally sold almost all of her projects.

For her own investment portfolio, she always thinks out of the box to maximise the return of the rental property by conducting either economical cosmetic renovation or renting the property in innovative ways rather than relying only on the traditional way. For example, short-term stay, Airbnb rental, etc. Over the years, she has helped her investors to achieve profits even in a downturn market.

After completing her Diploma in Property Services together with years of Industry related experience, Lucy is now a qualified real estate agent/licensee. She will definitely help more people to maximise the potential of their property with her experience, expertise and passion of the real estate industry.

Johnathan Ji


An innovative and intelligent real estate agent and a lover of all things related to property, Jonathan is a property manager with practical knowledge and boundless energy who will not rest until his clients are satisfied. He earnt his stripes in a variety of roles, which have combined to make him a property manager with a unique and highly valuable skill set.

As a sales agent, Jonathan honed his negotiation skills to a fine art. He now uses these skills to secure optimal rent for his client’s properties. With killer social media and communication skills, Jonathan gets the word out about properties to the widest possible audience of potential tenants. As a result, He has earnt a reputation for leasing properties with blinding speed and for premium prices.

Jonathan has excellent instincts. He is highly selective when screening tenants for his clients’ properties. Jonathan understands what valuable asset tenants are being entrusted with and makes sure his clients’ properties are well maintained and suitably looked after.

Jonathan completed his master of business degree from western Sydney university In 2004 and holds a WA real estate sales representative certificate (including property management ) since 2015.
Jonathan is also an AirBNB superhost.


Feifei has three years property management experience within the Real Estate industry. These include three years Airbnb host experience where she has achieved SUPER host status by demonstrating a track record of consistently receiving  five star feedback from clients. Her in depth knowledge of Airbnb, that includes strategies to increase bookings, and guest communication has also helped property owners maximise investment returns. She is passionate in providing Airbnb advice ensuring owners provide quality accomodation to clients.

Feifei graduated with a Master degree in Commerce at University of Adelaide and is a qualified Real Estate Agent. She enjoys traveling and appreciating new interior designs from staying in different accommodations.



露西(Lucy)十多年前就开始了她的房地产之旅, 最初她做房地产投资以及房地产开发。 她具有很强的分析和财务能力,并且在房地产开发可行性研究和项目交付,实现最大化投资回报方面经验丰富。 她拥有悉尼麦格理大学的商业硕士学位和中国厦门大学的理学学士学位。 她投资开发了数千万澳币的房地产开发项目,并亲自做市场推广并且独立出售了几乎所有项目的物业。

对于自己的投资组合,她总是能突破传统的限制,,或是低成本翻新,或以创新的方式出租, 例如短租或民宿等,实现回报最大化。 多年来,她帮助她的投资者即使在低迷的市场中也能获得利润。

在获得了澳洲房地产服务的专业文凭和多年行业相关经验之后,露西现在是一名有资质的房地产经纪人/持牌人。 她将凭借她的经验,专业知识和对房地产行业的热情,帮助更多的人去最大程度地发挥他们资产的潜力。

Johnathan Ji


乔纳森(Jonathan)是一名创新和有才智的房地产买卖和管理的专业人士,他热衷于与房地产有关的所有事务,,他具有丰富的实践知识和充满激情的动力,竭力服务直到客户满意为止。 他在职场中积累了丰富的工作经验,这使他成为技能全面且效率极高的物业经理。

作为房产管理经理,乔纳森(Jonathan)将他的谈判技巧磨练至臻。 同时他使用这些技能来确保为其客户的物业获得最佳租金。 凭借高超的社交媒体和交流技巧,乔纳森(Jonathan)向潜在租户以及尽可能广泛的受众宣传他代理的房地产物业, 并且随时看房他以房屋出租的速度和价格赢得了广泛的赞誉。

乔纳森(Jonathan)具有出色的直觉并且一丝不苟, 在为客户的房屋筛选租户时,他严格按照行业专业程序对租户进行背景调查,确认等,在第一环节保证了拣选高质量的房客。 乔纳森了解出租房屋中那些有价值的物品和设备,交付租客妥善维护,确保其客户的财产清单明细详实,并且嘱咐租客正确使用和保养。



菲菲 (Feifei)在房地产行业拥有三年多的房产管理经验。 其中包括三年的民宿超赞房东经验,她凭借持续获得客户五星级反馈的良好记录而获得超赞房东身份。 她对民宿运营有深入的了解,其中包括增加预订量的策略,以及与客人的交流等,她的丰富经验帮助业主获得了最大的投资回报。 她热衷于为民宿运营和管理提供建议,以确保屋主为客户提供优质的住宿,她所管理的民宿的好评率达到4.8星,收入为长租房的两倍,即使在现有的新冠病毒的影响下,她所管理的民宿一个月的收入过万。

Feifei毕业于阿德莱德大学,获得商务硕士学位,并且是一名合格的房地产经纪人。 她喜欢旅行,体验不同的住宅文化,并汲取最新的室内设计灵感用于自己的民宿运营管理中。